Fun and functional tubie covers, tube pads, belts and accessories.

For a safer, more comfortable feeding experience for your child, and greater peace of mind for you.

Lovingly handmade, from one tubie family to another

Our mission is to make managing life with a feeding tube a little bit easier – and a lot more comfortable – for tube fed children and their families. Made in New Zealand, by a mum who has been in your shoes, our designs are not only colourful and fun, but practical and convenient so your tube fed child can get on with the activities they love.

We know that the simple act of choosing an item with colours or prints of their choice, can help tube fed kids and their families have a sense of control over their situation and be more empowered to embrace who they are.

We have a range of products that take the ‘clinical’ out of tube feeding. Our product range is inspired by you! So, if you can’t see quite what you’re after here, let us know; we’re always looking for new ways that we can make life a little easier for tube feeding families.

tube pads

Clean, cute and far from clinical



Made with little lifestyles in mind



A kinder solution for sensitive skin



Why quality matters to us

As a family faced with tube-feeding, we struggled to find pads that would help reduce granulation tissue, while still being suitable for everything that comes with an active childhood. So, out came the sewing machine! What started as a way to help our son Aidan safely feed while still enjoying the activities he loves, turned into a purpose-driven way to support others. Now we proudly help make life a little easier for tubie families, just like ours, all around the world.

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Tube Pads 101

From our tubie family, to yours


Just brilliant

So easy to use and comfortable. Tammy is amazing to of designed these. I love all the different themes of G tube pads. Makes you feel like been kid again but know one can see it. Keep up the great work Tammy. I love seeing the new material. Hope one day you find some Tinker Bell/Peter Pan 🥰

Susie Angelo


Love your products! Your NG face tape sticks so much better than what the hospital provides. Our recent purchase of the pouch, to keep the tube tucked away is a life saver, no more fishing for it in her clothes when needing to access it. Thank you so much!

Amy Millington


Absolutely love Tubie Love! thank you for all your cute peg pads they just make the peg look better on my 1 year old, not to mention we only need to change them once a day unlike the disposable pads we used to use. they are super easy to clean and couldnt be happier with the products, not to mention the communication and service. 

Aimee Unger


This is a great product, fits all our needs in one handy bag & I received even better service from Tubie love, definitely recommend

Vanessa Kerswell


We got our order today, very fast service and my son (a teenager) is so happy with his feeding belt, he loves how secure it feels and since he has his pump overnight it is going to stop the issues he was having getting it snagged and pulling on his button. I am beyond impressed with the service, the products and the care instructions. I wish I had known of your products when he had his NG tubes, it would have stopped a lot of the issues we had. My son appreciates the "cool" fabric choices. I will be ordering more products for sure. Thank you so much, you are brilliant!!

Carra Bishop

Our g-tube pads came in today and they are soft and amazing. Tubie love does amazing work and you can tell a lot of care and love went into each one. I would recommend these and Tubie love to anyone with a G-tube fed darling especially if the regular gauze irritates your little one like my daughter. Plus she loves getting to pick out her design of the day every morning. There are plenty of designs to choose from and they are affordable which is also great. Love love Tubie love!!!!

Kylie Bruner

Perfect for keeping all cords in place!

First time using Tubie love products and customer service could not have been better!! Ordered and delivered in a little over a week and wonderful quality! As for the G-Tube Belt - it was exactly what we had been searching for!! We have a very active little guy who kept ending up with cords dangling everywhere. Now we know all cords are safe, AND with a cool Spiderman pattern - its win win really! We were so impressed I've just ordered two more!

Cari-Lynn Thiessen

Addison's review

I'm 7 years old and this is the first time I have used a pouch. Having the NG tube in the pouch makes wearing it more comfortable and my tube doesn't pull or scratch me anymore. Also, having a pretty accessory to hold the tube in makes me feel happy 💕😊

Rebekah James


I brought 3 of the g tube pads a tube clip and a feeding tube cover for my nephew and they are all amazing the pads are so much easier to deal with and he has stopped trying to grab at his g tube so I can only assume that he finds the pads way more comfortable against his skin I will definitely be ordering more for him. Thank you so much for these amazing products.

Gemma Rushton

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